This suits most beginners or novices... Usually one to one with one of our instructors unless you advise us differently.

From as little as one or one and a half hours per week, you are not restricted on how many hours you can do in a week but may find spreading the lessons financially easier or just want or need to take your time.

Intensive Course (crash course)

From beginner to intermediate to advance

This is a great alternative to those that want or need to pass quickly and our courses are tailored to meet your needs.

We recommend our assessment lesson. This will enable our driving instructors to see the standard of your current driving and recommend the right level of hours to book.

This can save you money as you may only need a few hours rather than a full intensive course.

Complete Beginners: Our assessment lesson will give complete beginners an insight to see if this type of intensive course is for you. Before fully committing financially!

A Full intensive can be spread over 10 to 14 plus days, and the hours spread out evenly through out the day with regular breaks.

This can be from as little as 2 to 4 hours a day. If it's the latter 4 hours. This will be broken down eg: 2 hours followed by a break.


This course best suits those who want to pass over a few weeks and from as little as 4 to 6 hours a week. Your instructor will recommend the amount of hours and tailor the course around your availability.

Quick pass course

Would best suit those drivers almost up to test standard or have just missed out on passing the test.

We get a lot customers from other schools and put right what they have missed!

You will go to your test with more confidence understanding on how to get through and make you a better driver.


with automatic tuition in selected areas.

All Acorn Driving cars are dual controlled for your safety.

No clutch
No stalling
No rolling

Trailer Training Courses

A popular course can be spread over days or weeks, please call or text for availability and price.

Pass Plus

Pass plus courses are available for those looking for cheaper car insurance and provide an excellent way to hone your newly acquired skills. Modules of tuition include All-weather driving, Town and out-of town driving, Driving on dual carriageways, Driving on motorways and Night driving. Pass plus is a minimum of 6 hour course with no test at the end of the course.

We offer help with the theory test. Contact school for more information.

Our promotions varies each week to keep a head with our competitors so please call or text for current prices.

Email us for terms and conditions