1: What Grade instructors do you have?
Grades 4,5 and 6
(Fully Qualified instructors are Graded by the DSA 1,2,3 are poor, grade 4 is the national average 5 and 6 standards are high)

2: Will I be Charged a Higher price for Vehicle hire on my driving test?
(Some driving school/instructors now charge a higher premium on your driving test day...we feel this is wrong)

3: Do you have trainee instructors?
(Trainee instructors display a pink ticket on their front window screen and you will often pay the same price for a driving lesson as you would a fully qualified instructor)

4: Do you Car share?
(Picking up another pupil towards the end of your driving lesson and have them drive you home as part of their lesson.. This is done to keep costs down for the instructor! We don't.. All your lessons will be one to one)

5: How much do you charge?
Please contact us by phone.. Text.. Or Email for current prices
(Our prices are very competitive, however as you compare lesson price with other driving schools ...If the price of the driving lesson is very low you have to ask yourself why?) To often we hear stories of people that have spent hundreds of pounds and learnt nothing or next to nothing..

6: Do you have trial lessons?
If your unsure what driving school or instructor to go with ask for a trial lesson, this will allow you to see if you will get on with your instructor and their car