Driving instructor training...we are not ordit registered and cover the Surrey area. We offer good parts two and three training, lessons are usually two hours long,and one to one.

Part one training can be done at home, study packs can be ordered through the DSA web site or from our selves this is one of the cheapest options open to any one thinking of becoming a Driving Instructor...unless of course you want to spend spend spend at the larger establishments!

What you need:
Have had a full drivers license for 4yrs
Read a number plate at the required distance
Have no current non-motoring offences
Have no more than 5 penalty points in the last 2yrs

For Driving Standards Agency applications for parts 1, 2 & 3 instructor training information please call 07760 297000 or visit

We offer help with the theory test. Contact school for more information.

Our promotions varies each week to keep a head with our competitors so please call or text for current prices.

Email us for terms and conditions